The Komkortrans-Service transport company was formed in 2007

Komkortrans-Service - the transport company specializing on logistics, services in transportation and cargo delivery.

The history of KomkorTS transport company is a history of achievements and progress, developments and implementation of considerable projects. For years of work the company won popularity not only in the Belarusian market, but also is far outside the country. For clients and partners of "KomkorTS" is a synonym of the highest quality and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The KomkorTS transport company was formed in 2007. Transportations across the countries of Europe and CIS were the main activities. In a year the company could broaden staff and open the new directions of services: delivery of combined freights and transportation to the countries of Asia, and in a year – department of oversized transportations. K 2010 the company got own transport and began cooperation with customs representatives, and in 2011 – active work on development of warehouse logistics and establishment of close business contacts with partners in Spain, Poland and Lithuania began.

Development company and achievements

In seven years the company many times increased the staff and own vehicle fleet, having become from small firm successful and perspective shipping company. "KomkorTS" carries out multimodal transportations on own transport from Europe to Kazakhstan, and also is engaged in the most difficult projects. In 2014 participated in a specialized exhibition in China.

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