PTO list of Republic of Belarus

PTO list of Republic of Belarus

PTO code NameAddress
01000 State customs committee 220007, Minsk Mogilevskaya St. 45 k1
02000 Minsk Central customs 220045 of Minsk of Holmogorskaya St., 57
03000 Western Bug 224028 of Brest, Gavrilov St., 45
03101 Peschatka Brest Region Kamenetsky district of. Signet of a payment order to Peschatka-Polovtsa
03103 Kozlovichi Brest Region. Brest district of of Kozlovichi of a payment order of Kozlovichi Kukuryki
03111 Brest-Avto1 Brest, Lieutenant Ryabtsev St. 45
03112 Warsaw Brest Varshavskoye Highway Bridge, 1 (check point Brest-Terespol)
03113 Tomashovka Brest district of Tomashovka (Tomashovka-Pulemets)
03114 Oltush Brest Region Maloritsky area of Oltush (software of Oltush-Pishcha)
03116 Mokrany Brest Region Maloritsky area of of Mokrana (Mokrany-Domanovo's payment order)

And also more than 100 other points of customs cleaning.

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