International oversized transportation

Transportation of bulky goods – the special complex of services connected with delivery to the consumer of freights which on weight, load of an axis or dimensions exceed maximum permissible sizes for transportation by standard cargo transport.

When transportations of bulky goods are necessary

Most often internal and international oversized transport is necessary for delivery of the following types of freight:

    construction special equipment (asphalt spreaders, cranes, bulldozers, loaders);
    agricultural machinery (tractors, cattlefeeders, combines);
    dimensional industrial equipment (capacities, machines);
    household rooms, trade pavilions;
    lengthy production (beams, concrete plates, steel pipes).

Features of a cargo transportation of not dimension

For delivery of similar freights the special low-frame platform (trawl) guaranteeing safe transportation is used. It is provided due to decrease in the center of gravity of freight that increases stability in transit, and reduction of excess of the established dimensions on height.

Except selection of special transport delivery of bulky goods demands obtaining special permission from transport inspection, existence in some cases of cars of support of GAI, study of a route of delivery, considering height of the high voltage line, overpasses, tunnels and other obstacles which shouldn't disturb delivery of freight. It is separately necessary to organize correctly loading and unloading works for the prevention of damage of the expensive equipment or goods, to provide observance of safety measures.

To whom to entrust the organization of oversized transportation of goods

– the piece service demanding a wide experience and professionalism from all experts involved in delivery starting with the operator of the crane when loading and finishing the international cargo transportation of not dimension the employee of the logistic company, engaged in the solution of organizational issues. To carry out a cargo transportation of bulky goods at the highest level in power to the staff of the Komkortrans-Service company for which this direction became one of main. Trusting the organization and carrying out oversized transportations sew the companies, you get the following advantages:

    competitive prices of services;
    help in customs registration;
    insurance and maintenance of the transported freights;
    development of a route and coordination in state agencies;
    development of an optimum route of delivery;
    use of multimodal transportations;
    organization of transportations of bulky goods worldwide.

Among our clients the largest manufacturing and industrial enterprises, dealers of global manufacturers of municipal, construction and agricultural machinery that confirms high quality of services. If services in a cargo transportation of bulky goods are necessary for you, contact in the convenient way our experts who will give primary consultation.

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