Responsibility for a delay on delivery


Responsibility limits

Convention on rail transportation of freights of 1980 (KOTIF)

17 SDR for gross weight kg

Agreement on the international freight traffic (SMGS)

The sum corresponding to decrease of value of freight as a result of delay in delivery

Warsaw convention of 1929.

It is regulated by the contract

Montreal protocol of 1999.

17 SDR for gross weight kg

Convention of the UN on sea transportation of freights (Hamburg rules, 1978)

Freight sum

The convention of the UN on the international mixed transportation of goods (The Geneva convention, 1980)

Freight sum

Convention on the contract of the international transportation of goods of KDPG

Freight sum
Recognition of freight the lost:

    More than 90 calendar days after delivery period at multimodal transportation of goods
    More than 60 calendar days after the term of delivery of freight by sea transportation
    More than 30 calendar days after an established period of delivery or when that wasn't, more than 60 calendar days from the date of acceptance of freight a carrier at road haulage.

Conditions of release from responsibility of a carrier

The carrier is exempted from liability when loss or damage of freight are connected with:

    use of the opened or not covered vehicles if such use was specially stipulated and specified in the consignment note;
    absence or defects of packing, in cases when the freights transported unpacked or without suitable packing are subject to damage or damage;
    movement, loading, placement or unloading of freight by the sender or the recipient, or the persons acting on behalf of the sender or the consignee;
    the nature of some freights subject because of these properties caused by their nature, to full or partial death or damage (to a rzhaveniye, rotting, shrinkage, leak and so forth);
    insufficiency or insufficiency of marking or numbering of packages;
    transportation of live animals.

Insurance of freights "from all risks" doesn't cover:

A) confiscation of freights;

B) shortage of freight at integrity of packing;

C) damage at obviously insufficient packing;

D) natural damage / decrease.

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