Azol fuel agent UN1993 airfreight delivery

Azol fuel agent UN1993 airfreight delivery Minsk-Dubai

 The Komkor TS transport company thus carried out delivery of freight by the air transport. We will deliver also your freight from any point of the world with minimum price of transportation.   

Azol canister IMDG1993 MSQ-Dubai:
Freight: the canister with fuel additive of the UN 1993 (IMDG: international maritime dangerous goods code: IMO: international maritime organization International sea qualifier of dangerous freights of International Maritime Organization division UN / analog of DOPOG).

Delivery avia route: Minsk-Dubai.

Delivery of the canister with fuel additive - an example of the competent organization of the international cargo transportation.

Learn more about service of the international air transportation and cargo delivery by the air transport.

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