Transport vehicles deliveries

Transport vehicles deliveries

One of the new fields of our activities are deliveries of transport vehicles for private and corporate clients. We organize shipments of the following vehicles:

  • passenger cars, including 4x4 off-road vehicles, minivans, pick-up trucks, small buses;
  • motorbikes,
  • light tonnage cargo trucks,
  • heavy-tonnage trucks and vehicles (transported and self-propelled piloted by our drivers);
  • motor boats and yachts.

 Advantages of transport vehicles deliveries with our company.


  • We allocate car-transporter road trains, railway vehicle carriers, containers and maritime vessels that are capable of carrying numerous cars or vehicles at the same time as cargo thus reducing delivery costs of one vehicle;
  • Combined cargo deliveries (several modes of transport employed in single delivery scheme) allow to deliver transport vehicles at great distances;
  • Close monitoring of your vehicle’s delivery on the whole delivery route allows to keep you up to date and contributes to safety;
  • We also provide voluntary cargo insurance of the delivered transport vehicles.


“KomkorTrans-Servis” our employees deliver transport vehicles worldwide.

 Transport vehicles deliveries require custom-made transport-logistics solutions, based on the following criteria:

  • Routing,
  • Vehicles’ dimensions and weight;
  • Quantity of vehicles subject to delivery;
  • Technical conditions of the cargo;
  • Technical drawings of the vehicle subject to delivery in transport position with lashing-securing points and center gravity point (for oversize vehicles);
  • Cargo invoice value.


You can place you request for transport vehicles delivery with our company by e-mail, telephones listed on our website or simply filling out this form.

Our employees will deliver your transport vehicles of any country of origin safely, at affordable costs and just in time.

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