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Cargo delivery from Komkortrans-Service - reliability guarantee

The transport company KomkorTS carries out cargo delivery precisely in time with possibility of transportation according to the scheme "door-to-door".

On delivery freights we consider all nuances of transportation by the chosen transport type, we think over logistics to trifles to save yours time and means.

When the forwarding agent doesn't bear damage liability during a cargo transportation?

Ordering cargo delivery, the recipient expects to receive production in full and without any damages. The problem of safety of freight lays down on shoulders of shipping company and the driver of the car on which the cargo transportation is conducted.

Responsibility accurately registers in the contract for a cargo transportation, but in reality there are cases when responsibility is relieved. Usually it is about the next moments:

    Losses which were suffered as a result of deliberate illegal actions of persons.
    The actions of the employee made in a state of intoxication of any kind.
    The losses connected with shortage of freight provided that a covering of the vehicle, seals and external packing as a result of a cargo transportation I remained in integrity.
    Losses and claims which are connected with natural property of separate goods. The speech about damage or partial loss during freight transportation because of corrosion, shrinkage, shrinkage, low-quality packing, spontaneous (natural) rotting and other reasons.
    Requirements for losses which are connected with untimely delivery of goods for the objective reasons.
    Losses which were caused out of the territory of action of the insurance policy.
    Losses which were suffered on delivery freights because of action of various force majeurs (national disorders, military maneuvers and actions, civil war, strike, decisions of government bodies).
    The losses and claims which arose due to the lack of information at the forwarding agent who is engaged in the organization of cargo delivery on nature of danger and possibility of their negative influence on other goods (at a cargo transportation of combined freights).
    Losses as a result of action of penalties and sanctions which were inflicted on the company which is engaged in delivery of freight because of mistakes at the organization of transportation.

How to minimize possible damage at freight transportation

To reduce potential damage from damage of freight in transit or its untimely delivery the simultaneous solution of two questions will help:

    competent choice of the forwarding agent;
    insurance of freight.

To give the correct answers on each of them the KomkorTS company rendering all range of services in the organization and cargo delivery from any countries of the world to Belarus and other countries of the Customs Union will give.

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