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Trucking from Russia

The international automobile cargo transportation from Russia across the CIS, to Europe, from Europe to Russia

International trucking by road is one of the most sought-after activities of the transport and logistics group of companies ComcorTS. Equipment, materials, furniture, food, consumer goods and other goods are moved 7 days a week in volume from 1 m3.

International trucking from Russia to Europe, from Europe to Russia

The average cost of delivery of a tent cargo of 82 m3 to the capital of Russia (Moscow) is:

from Germany, square D10 (Berlin) - 2000 Euro, travel time 7-9 days;
from Spain, 28 square (Madrid) - 4150 Euro, travel time 14 - 16 days;
from Lithuania (Vilnius) - 1450 Euro, travel time 3-4 days.

We strive for mutually beneficial cooperation

The goal of ComcorTS is to become a reliable regular partner for enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity. We offer very favorable tariffs for cargo transportation from Europe to Russia and back. Each cargo transportation process meets the following requirements:

Minimum travel time.
Maximum safety of the cargo.
Reasonable fare.
Timely loading and delivery.

The international automobile cargo transportation from Russia across the CIS

Cargo delivery is carried out from Russia to Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, to the countries of the Caucasus region (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) and to the states of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan).

The company "KomkorTS" provides international road transport of general cargo and transportation of small consignments as part of groupage cargo. Every time we select the transportation route so that the customer receives the most optimal combination of travel time and cost. The quality of our services remains consistently high.


Delivery times for multimodal or groupage transportation, depending on the country of departure and route, may deviate from the estimated time. Delay in delivery may occur for reasons beyond the control of the transport company, usually due to the time spent on loading and unloading, the queue at the customs. We monitor such situations and promptly inform the customer. If necessary, we find and propose solutions to the problem.

Cargo transportation Russia Belarus

The company "KomkorTS" also offers fast freight from Russia to Belarus. Trade between these countries is constantly growing. We move goods using our fleet of cars. For each type of cargo (bulk, bulk, fragile, oversized) we select the most appropriate and economically viable type of vehicle.

The rate for the delivery of cargo from Moscow to Minsk by a standard wagon 82 m3 is approximately 550 US dollars. Travel time 12-16h. We arrive in time for loading and take it to the desired point. Delivery of cargo in volume from 1 m3 as a part of groupage transportation is possible.

Services provided by KomkorTS

  •     Additional packaging of the goods if necessary.
  •     Loading and unloading of any complexity with the use of special equipment.
  • Cargo insurance if necessary or at the request of the customer.
  • Registration of all accompanying documentation, including customs declarations.
  • Organization of responsible storage in warehouses in Europe, the CIS.
  • Delivery on the Karnet-TIR system, as well as on the Karnet-ATA system (with temporary importation, for example, on tours and exhibitions).


Leave a request by filling out the form on the website to calculate the exact cost of delivery of the goods, or call by phone to make sure that we have favorable rates.


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