Cargo deliveries from China

“KomkorTrans-Servis” Ltd. offers efficient cargoes deliveries schemes from China.

Fast transit times and tailor-made payment options

Intelligent economics and wise choices in transport route and transit time selection

Fast documents processing and delivery

Financial security and cargoes integrity


Are you interested to try our efficient cargo deliveries from China services?

Would you like to see on practice:

  • Your safe cargo arrival to the warehouse of the receiving Client (Consignee);
  • Estimated transit time fulfillment;
  • Our employees fast response to your requirements?

Than these are the cases where our competent employees can organize the safe and cost-effective cargo delivery option of any type of cargo. In order to see the cargo delivery schematics in motion, one must be sure of the proposed option workability.

You can rely on us to elaborate the best option for your cargo delivery.

“KomkorTS” Ltd. We are a transport logistics company, offering full scope of services for cargo deliveries from China to Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and EU by road, rail, maritime and air transport..

We offer solutions for the following cargoes deliveries:

  • Industrial equipment,
  • Commodities and raw materials,
  • Consumer goods (FMCG),
  • Construction materials,
  • Electronics and appliances,
  • Souvenirs and toys,
  • Clothes and footwear,
  • Food products,
  • Transport vehicles.

— and other goods from warehouses, we provide documents processing, cargo insurance and delivery to Clients` warehouse.

For all acceptable cargoes.

Why choose us?

Advantages of cooperation with us are:

  • Fast response to your requests (within 1 hour)
    With us you can be sure that planning, documents processing and delivery will be done on the “Just in Time” principle, employing the most efficient schematics.  We value dearly our Clients and Customers` time and do everything possible to optimize it. Therefore, we proceed promptly to your requests and orders treatment and processing.
  • Custom made approach to every client
    You can personally chose transit times and payment modalities individually. And you can rest assured– your requirements will be met. This is why a wide variety of clients address us with requests for cargo deliveries from China and we elaborate and optimal solution for each and every one of our clients and customers.
  • Rational economic approach

We always strive to think through every, even seemingly minor, detail in routing and transport selection to find the most reliable and profitable “golden option” for every party involved in the delivery. This is why we are more affordable than our competitors.

  • Our financial responsibility
    “KomkorTS” Ltd. Our financial cargo insurance covers 100.000EUR for each insurance case. This means that we are responsible for our actions and take safe cargo delivery just in time professionally.
  • Our “door to door” full scope of transport logistics services
    With us you will get full transport logistics support: accurate information and documents processing, efficient financial management, smooth transport and cargo flows, tracking, surveys, insurance and security. We accurately manage the entire process (five flows: information, documents, finances, transport, cargo) from the initial request for delivery from China or elsewhere up to cargo acceptance by the Consignee.

Services specifics that you will get from us

 Should you be interested in railway delivery from China our employees will arrange and verify:

  • Export and customs documents draw up and establishment;
  • Insure your cargo if required;
  • Establish route security (tracking of transport advance progress and status monitoring);
  • Will allocate railway wagons;
  • Control cargo dispatch;
  • Execute the shipment;
  • Verify cargo reception by the Consignee.

If you are interested in grouped cargo delivery from China our specialists will:

  • We will provide full documents processing support;
  • Ship and deliver your cargo carefully;
  • Track your cargo and inform you of its position, status and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

For maritime deliveries from China we offer: 

  • Containers or tonnage booking, loading, dispatch and discharge;
  • Cargo shipments and bonded warehouse processing for delivery to Consignee;
  • Further on carriage from port of discharge to final destination for the Consignee.

We also deliver oversized and heavy weight cargoes from China:

  • We will elaborate the optimal route and best transport units selection with careful consideration of transit times for “just in time” delivery;
  • Our staff will organize security convoys for road haulages;
  • We will assist you in cargo insurance and customs formalities.


Should you prefer airfreight deliveries from China — “KomkorTS” Ltd offers:

  • Export declaration establishment (EX), Air waybill (AWB) and export license allocation;
  • Cargo pick up at warehouse, its storage, airfreight shipment and on carriage delivery to Consignees warehouse;
  • Cargo insurance upon your request;
  • Cargo tracking and timely feedback on cargo transit time and status.


Here’s how we operate:

Delivery stage

Factors influencing transport selection

Requirements and predispositions

  • You send us a shipping order,
  • Our parties sign a short agreement;
  • We elaborate optimal cargo delivery scheme, based on your data,
  • We make your cargo delivery happen.
  • Cargo type,
  • Cargo invoice value,
  • Transit time,
  • Routing,
  • Special conditions for some cargoes and delivery schemes.
  • Voluntary cargo insurance,
  • Customs processing,
  • Customs and survey inspections,
  • Warehouse logistics,
  • Consulting.

 We take good care of your requirements and needs.

As an example, we recommend employing airfreight transport and railway transport for fast deliveries from China so that your goods and equipment can be delivered within 10 days.

To deliver big lots , oversized and heavyweight cargoes the maritime shipment  is the option. The transit time however is 35 – 60 days.

We recommend combined (multimode) cargo deliveries  for cost-effectiveness optimization and overall efficiency boost.

Thus we provide high quality professional assistance for cargo deliveries from China by all means of transport and deliveries possible and save you your time and optimize your cargoes deliveries expenses.

 Our Clients and Customers who agree on our efficiency

доставка из китая - Бабушкина крынка



"Babushkina Krynka" Ltd



доставка груза из китая - Крыница



OJSC "Krinitsa"




доставка из китая - Савушкин



OJSC "Savushkin product"

доставка из китая - Молочные горки

OJSC "Dairy hills"



доставка из китая - Бобруйскселькмаш



OJSC "Bobruiskselmash"

доставка из китая - Heinken

Heinken N. V.



доставка из китая - УП «Арлекс»

UE "Arleks"



доставка из китая - ИУП «Обрам-Бел»


FUE "Obram-Bel"


You can trust us with your cargo as well.

 We guaranty our high quality transport logistics services:



1. Cargo deliveries from China (and elsewhere) on the cost effective and just in time basis.

2. Cooperation with reliable partners and agents.

3. Professional level of responsibility, timeframes and high quality of services.

FAQ frequently asked questions

How much will a shipment of a 10`DC container cost from China to Brest, Republic of Belarus?

Container delivery prices depend on cargo type, invoice value, transit times and several other factors. 

You can get up to date prices for cargo deliveries from China (and elsewhere) using: our website online messenger, by calling us at +375 17 345-62-22 , +375 29 328-14-08, or by filling out our cargo delivery calculation online form.

Are deliveries from China (and elsewhere) safe for high value cargoes?

Yes, we arrange protection from atmospheric and mechanical damages, provide pre-shipment cargo surveys and inspections, actual cargo tracking and monitoring.  We also recommend cargo insurance on “all risk basis”.

How much time is required to deliver a cargo to a different country?

Depending on Shippers warehouse location and choice of transport, the railway delivery from China to the Republic of Belarus will take 14 days, but maritime shipment takes 30 to 65 days.

Can you help with customs clearance in Russian federation?

Yes, our corporate policy is Customer oriented and we provide full scope of transport logistics services, including liaisons with customs and other authorities. 

Would you like your cargo to be safely delivered just in time?

You can leave your order here and we will elaborate the best option for you.            .

 Our Clients and Customers rely on our services.


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