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Freight transportation – the important sphere of economy in any country without which adjustment of the economic relations with other regions, the countries and continents is impossible. This branch of economy is responsible for ensuring timely delivery of the equipment, agricultural production, building materials and other goods.
Requirements to freight transportation

Generally cargo road haulage have to be carried out taking into account the following factors:

    minimum term of performance;
    integrity and safety of freight;
    reasonable cost of delivery of freight.

Only at observance of three conditions the company which orders freight transportation, will create reputation of the reliable supplier in the market, will save current assets and will increase the general profitability of work.
Features of performance of freight transportation

For implementation of the listed above requirements on delivery of freight it is necessary to consider some factors:

    acceptable time limits of delivery;
    features of the transported freight;
    need of customs registration.

Each of the listed factors influences a transport choice for delivery of freight, study of a route of freight transportation, need of registration of mass of documents which tighten delivery periods.

We will separately stop on transportation of bulky and dangerous goods which demand use of special transport, features of the transported equipment or goods for ensuring due safety of environment and other participants of traffic.

Freight transportation is carried out sea, жд by transportations, motor and air transport today. Each of them has the advantages and shortcomings:

    Sea transport – irreplaceable option on delivery large volume of freight on other continent, when the main factor – the minimum cost.
    Railway transport – universal option of delivery of the wide list of freights for reasonable price in the continent.
    The motor transport – the universal option of delivery of freight allowing to realize the scheme "from a door to a door" for reasonable money.
    Air transport – an excellent way within 24-48 hours to deliver freight in any point of the world, but it is necessary to pay for similar speed rather high price.

During the international freight transportation the scheme at which delivery is carried out with use of several types of transport is often used. So, for example, freight from China at first arrives to one of the European ports, and then is overloaded on the motor transport which is carrying out already delivery to the consumer.
To whom to entrust the organization of a cargo transportation?

To consider all moments at the organization of transportation, it is correct to make a route, to contact a reliable carrier, quickly to resolve issues with customs registration in power only to professionals.

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