International cargo transportation

The international cargo transportation – from a door to a door precisely in time

The international cargo transportation - the most important sphere of the international economy.

    You look for reliable transport company for the international cargo transportation?
    You want that freights came to a delivery place accurately to the stipulated terms?
    You wish, to relieve yourself of red tape with paperwork and solutions of the other questions connected with a cargo transportation?

Specialists of the Komkortrans-Service company will help to resolve all issues.

In our company you will be able to order the international cargo transportation of the following types:

- International cargo transportation motor transport:

    Any tonnage
    Any volume
    Regular routes on the CIS countries, Europe, Asia.

- Cargo transportation international sea transport

    Service in all ports of the world;
    Service of ship parties;
    Transportation by sea lines;
    Containers and capacities of different types - OPEN TOP, Flat Rack, REF, Tank.

- The international cargo transportation on ZhD

    Work with container trains (The Viking, the Bison, East way);
    Through service of China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Belarus;
    Transportation ZhD from Asia to Minsk;
    Representation of your interests at stations of departure and appointment.

- International air transportation:

    Customs registration;
    Delivery of charter freights.

- Multimodal transportations:

    Transportation of complete and combined freights;
    Container довоз any complexity;
    Granting special containers for non-standard freights.

- Customs registration:

In the territory of the Customs union we provide services on:

    to registration of import and export of goods;
    to complex customs registration;
    to customs declaring;
    to the electronic preliminary informing (EPI);
    to consultation on questions foreign trade activities;
    to registration of statistical declarations.

And also additional services:

    full service on foreign economic activity;
    customs registration on PTO of Minsk, Brest, Molodechno, Gomel.

- Warehouse services:

    Customs warehouses and agencies in Republic of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Serbia, Russia, China;
    Loading and unloading works of any level of complexity;
    Consolidation and storage (processing of excisable freights);
    Paperwork. The transport company will provide all documents, necessary for a cargo transportation.

- Insurance of freights:

    Protection of your company against financial losses in case freight is spoiled, stolen, lost in whole or in part;
    Help in paperwork;
    Selection of an optimum tariff and insurance company with good reputation.

Also the Komkortrans-Service transport company carries out a cargo transportation from Europe to Belarus, container transportation of goods, delivery of containers, delivery of bulky goods and delivery of bulky goods from China.

The international cargo transportation containers is carried out by 20 foot containers and 40 foot containers.

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