Maritime cargo deliveries

Maritime cargo deliveries

“KomkorTS”: we offer a wide range of services of maritime cargo deliveries. Our specialists deliver cargoes, including oversized and refrigerated cargoes to any accessible port in the world.

 Advantages of maritime shipments.

  • Near to unlimited capacity of cargo intake of maritime vessels: both container carriers ranging up to 10.000 TEU (twenty feet equivalent unit 20’) capacity and bulk and tanker vessels with DWT deadweights going up to 400.000mt
  • good international ports infrastructure
  • Low costs for long distance deliveries: best ratio distance-tonnage-cost of the four main types of transport
  • Universality of maritime transport, especially container transport allows carrying any types of cargoes: oil, gas, metals, ores, fertilizers, construction materials, food products, consumer goods, cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, equipment, etc

 How do we do it?

  • Our employees gather all required information from you regarding your cargo and desired routing
  • We contact your Shipper via our agent in the country of origin
  • We engineer and effect the delivery: organize cargo pick-up, insure the cargo upon your request, assist with customs and other formalities, load your cargo on board vessels, effect cargo delivery from port of destination to your warehouse, track the delivery


We use different types of containers:

  • 20’DC (20feet 33 cbm), 40’DC (40feet 67cbm), 40’HC (40feet high cube 76 cbm) for standard cargoes
  • 20’REF, 40’REF, 40’HC REF refrigerated containers for perishable cargoes deliveries
  • 20’FR, 40’FR flat rack platform containers for deliveries of oversized cargoes
  • 20’OT, 40’OT open top containers for over height cargoes
  • 20’TC,40’TC tank containers for liquid cargo deliveries

 We are also ready to afreight your bulk and liquid tonnage by tramping vessels.

 What is required from you?

  • Cargo description details and specifications (dimensions, weight, cargo type and HS code,details of the Shipper and Consignee)
  • Sign an agreement with us and send us your Shipping order
  • Payment of outstanding invoices for deliveries services

We take care of the rest to deliver you cargoes.

“KomkorTS” we cooperate with a wide network of partners in ports of Baltic (Riga,Klaipeda), Russia (St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk), China (Shanghai).

 Should you require reliable and cost-effective maritime cargo deliveries, please feel free to address our employees by the embedded form of our website, by e-mail or telephone listed and we will take care of your cargo shipments worldwide.

Order delivery (calculate delivery) Ask our managers and logistics specialists
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