Combined transportations

Combined transportations

“KomkorTS” offers combined cargo deliveries services. These multi-mode cargo deliveries employ more than one mode of transport with cargo transshipment and bonded space alternation, for example road truck into maritime container. Whilst the container transshipment container road chassis – vessel is an inter-mode transportation: without actual cargo handling and bonded space alternation (same container under same seal all the way).

What are the advantages?

It is the usage of advantages of different modes of transport on specific stretches of the route that allows optimizing the price and delivery time, which is especially valuable for long-distance We value the time and money of our Clients by developing cargo delivery options accordingly to their needs.


We offer cargo deliveries services worldwide.

We offer the following services:

  • Export documents draw-up in country of origin,
  • Optimized cargo delivery scheme development with transit time establishment,
  • Cargo delivery from port to terminal with further declaring,
  • Cargo insurance upon Customers’ request,
  • Cargo delivery tracking and informing the Client accordingly.

Our advantages:

  • Our employees experience,
  • Partnership relations with reliable carriers,
  • Attractive container liner rates, ship-owners, railway operators, road haulers and air carriers.

Should you be interested in combined cargo delivery options, please fill out our form online or contact us via our telephones and e-mails, listed on our website. And it doesn’t matter how far you want to ship: we will do it.

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