Oversize heavyweight cargo deliveries

Oversize heavyweight cargo deliveries

Oversize and overweight cargo deliveries, also known as “project cargoes” and “out of gauge” cargoes are considered as one of the most complicated carriages, requiring extensive expertise and experience of our employees to produce effective transport-logistics solutions and deliver such shipments.

“KomkorTS”: our employees will deliver your out of gauge cargoes of any feasible complexity weight and size.


What is an Out of gauge (oversize heavyweight) cargo?


It is a cargo which dimensions and/or weight are excessive to the specific transport capabilities as well as norms of transportations on each specific stretch of the delivery route. Basically it is the cargo that cannot be transported by standard transport units (truck, containers, wagons, maritime vessels, airplanes).

Basic types of out of gage cargoes are:

  • Heavy weight cargoes are loads with mass, load per axle or point pressure exceeding legal weight limits for a specific type of standard transport as well as transport infrastructure.
  • Oversize (out of gauge) cargoes exceed at least one of parameters LWH (length width height) of the specific transport unit and transport infrastructure of the delivery routing in question.
  • Extra oversize cargoes are loads exceeding norms by over 2 meters.


These project cargoes deliveries by any mode of transport (road, rail, air, maritime, combined) require special authorizations in addition to standard transport documents. These one-voyage licenses describe all weight-measure parameters of the specific laden transport unit as well as detailed cargo delivery route.

Project cargoes often require special convoy services to insure safe delivery, especially when delivered by road.


We organize out of gauge cargo deliveries by the following modes of transport:

  • Road haulages
  • Railway shipments
  • Maritime shipments
  • Air transport deliveries
  • Combined transportations (single cargo delivery by several modes of transport).


Field of our geographical expertise:

“KomkorTS”: we deliver project cargoes worldwide.


We offer the following services for Oversize, heavyweight project cargo deliveries:

  • Optimal delivery route and transport modes selection with transit times optimization,
  • Convoy and survey security services in accordance to requirements of each specific delivery,
  • Cargo insurance and customs processing services.


Should you be interested in our oversize, heavyweight project cargo deliveries services, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephones listed on our website of request us using this form.

We will deliver your cargo to the required destination with less expenses possible, safe and just in time.

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