Rail transportation

Railway cargo delivery: speed, reliability and savings

Railway transportation is one of the most economical and reliable ways to deliver cargo within one continent, which are most in demand when delivering large volumes of goods over considerable distances.

Our company is successfully engaged in the delivery and transportation of goods by rail. We work with different types of cargo - be it oversized, dangerous, bulk. Railway transportation of perishable goods requires maintaining a certain temperature regime and we can offer Wagons-refrigerators for them. We are always happy to provide you with only the most convenient and favorable terms of cooperation.
The advantages of cargo delivery railway

An extensive railway network in Belarus, the CIS countries and Europe, which will allow to deliver cargo by rail to almost any corner.
Availability of special offers for railway transportation of containers (Viking, Bison, Eastern Vector, Baltic Wind and others).
The ability to deliver any type of cargo.
The guarantee of timely railway transportation of containers and groupage cargoes, as it is the safest type of transport.
Fast customs clearance and no queues at border crossings.
Simple embedding of railway transport in the combined (multimodal) scheme of transportation.

Container rail freight

It is most convenient and advantageous to deliver container cargoes by railway.

Delivery of railway cargo using containers is the most demanded transportation service. Container transportation of goods is convenient in that it is possible to carry out loading / unloading from the railway to the ship without repacking, which greatly contributes to the efficiency of all processes. Containers are transported by rail in any weather.

The train departs and arrives strictly on schedule. This is the key to timely delivery of goods, and the customer has the opportunity to plan in advance for receiving goods at the destination, for example, container handling.

A significant advantage of the transportation of goods in containers is the high carrying capacity, which is characterized by rail transport. For example, only one platform is able to withstand about 80-100 tons - this is equivalent to several containers with cargo.

Rail transportation of goods is quite complex events that need constant monitoring. If we are talking about the transport of dangerous or perishable goods, of course, knowledge of qualified specialists and an individual approach are required, the choice of the route, the safety of the cargo and the preservation of the environment are necessary. The proper organization of the whole process of cargo delivery is important, and our company provides it.

Delivery of railway from China

Our company also provides services for the delivery of goods from China to Belarus, the Russian Federation and European countries. The delivery of railway cargo from China is made through the Far East, Transbaikalia and Kazakhstan. The train is called Katarina. It is a transit of China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Belarus (Brest) -Germany (Hamburg). China-Belarus transit time is usually 10-11 days.

Transportation of goods by means of railway messages is controlled on the whole route of the train.

The KomkorTS group of companies carries out transportation of goods by ZhD, with use of the system "from a door to a door". That is, if the recipient or sender of the goods does not have a railway access to the warehouse, then the carrier’s road transport is used.

Why it is worth ordering rail freight from the Group of Companies "Commods"

Due to the high professionalism and exclusive responsibility of our company's employees, such a service as railway cargo delivery has become very popular among our regular and new customers. We organize the work process aimed at fulfilling the client's request in such a way that one hundred percent safety of the cargo is ensured, and the deadlines for its delivery are clearly observed.

We are always ready to choose for you the most suitable way, high-quality transport and the best route for transporting your goods. You can be sure that the railway cargo transportation carried out by us is reliable, timely, safe and efficient.

Calculation of railway transportation

If you have a need for delivery of assorted or other goods by rail - leave a request on the site by filling out the form. The cost of rail transportation, our consultant will tell you within 15 minutes from the date of receipt of the application. You can also see how the cost of delivery is calculated.

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