Warehousing logistics

Warehousing logistics

Modern optimized transport logistics solutions are closely linked with necessity of high quality warehousing services. At “KomkorTS”Ltd. we consider carefully the role of warehousing in transport logistics and provide our clients with a broad spectrum of cargo warehousing services in Europe, CIS countries and Asia.

 We offer the following warehousing operations:

  • storage at excise-duty, customs-bonded, temperature-regulated (-25°C to +20°C) “A” class warehouses
  • short-term and long-term cargo storage
  • goods quality control on admission
  • pre-shipment cargo handling.
  • cargo consolidation for grouped shipments
  • cargo handling: loading-unloading operations, packaging, labeling, weighing
  • all necessary export and transit documents treatment


Should you be interested in our warehousing logistics services, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephones listed on our website of request us using this form.

We will handle and deliver your cargo to the required destination carefully, with less expenses possible and just in time.

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