Delivery by rail way

Rail transportation of freights from "Komkortrans-Service"
To whom to entrust the organization of Rail transportation

It is possible to get all advantages of international transport railway transport only at professional approach to their organization what in power to make to professionals of the Komkortrans-Service company. Addressing for services exactly here, you get the following advantages:

    the minimum delivery periods at the expense of an optimum route;
    all complex of services, including the solution of questions with giving of railway transport and the organization of transfer;
    actual information on a freight arrangement;
    the help in the solution of questions with customs registration;
    competitive prices of transportations.

We specialize on the organization of Rail transportation for the following routes:

    the countries of Europe – Belarus – the CIS countries;
    China – Belarus – the CIS countries – the states of Europe.

So, for example, Rail transportation of containers from China to Belarus takes only 10-11 days that much quicker than sea transport cheaper than the automobile. As a result use of our offer will help customers to save current assets and to increase efficiency of the work.

Entrust Railway transportation of your freight of Komkortrans-Service and otsenit all advantages of work with us!

If you have questions on Rail transportation of freights or by calculation of cost of delivery of freight - address to our menezhder by phones specified on the site.

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