Les transports multimodaux des containers de l'Asie

Multimodal transportation of goods by containers - the safest and cheap way of delivery of freight from Asia to Europe. The Komkortrans-Service transport company carries out multimodal transportations more than 7 years and has an extensive experience in performance of such difficult freight transportation.

For performance of multimodal transportation of goods first of all we think over multimodal logistics, we plan joining of transport in transit points for loading/unloading of freights and we lay a further route of freight.
What multimodal transportations happen?

Often multimodal transportation of goods is carried out:

    sea cargo transportation;
    oversized transportations жд structures;
    transportation of combined freights as a part of one or more vehicles;
    rail transportation;
    international air transportation.

Transportation of containers at multimodal transportations is often carried out when using containers sea 40 foot and 20-foot.

For specification of the prices of cargo road haulage, transportations of containers and other forwarding services we advise you to study rules of calculation of cost of delivery of freight.

 If you need to execute multimodal перевозк freights - address in Komkortrans-Service - to the professional of the business

Placer une commande de livraison (calculer une livraison) Poser une question à nos spécialistes de la logistique.
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